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Our Gins

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Bay Distilleries started in our heads at virtually the same time, in fact the same evening, chatting on a certain famous multimedia platform. We are Chris and Jonathan, two friends that frequently share too many Gin and Tonics. We came to the conclusion that with Jonathan’s experience in the brewing industry and Chris’s experience in chemical engineering, we could take over the world, or at least make a fine Gin that we would love to drink on well, every occasion.

We pooled our savings and bought a tiny 1 litre still and started developing flavours on Chris’s kitchen table. After some questionable but still drinkable beginnings, we discovered a particularly delicious flavour combination of 3 peels, Grapefruit, Orange and Lime which feature in all our Gins and give a familiar feeling across the range. We were eventually evicted from the kitchen and set up in ‘The Old Piggery’ a 17th Century two story Barn where we scaled up our operation in “Cockles” our Copper Pot Still.

Signature Gin

We feel we have perfected our “Signature” gin which is distilled in a two stage process with the 3 Peels in the vapour path of “Cockles” and the botanicals; Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Orris Root, Angelica, Rowan Berries, Grains of Paradise, Cardamom and Liquorice Root in the boiler. There is one secret botanical that adds a certain character and is unusual to find in a Gin and it is picked by hand from the shores and inlets of our wonderful British coastline. On tasting with your favourite tonic and a slice of lime, it is the Berries you taste first, and they are not subtle, they are big, bold and in your face. As the Juniper and Rowan Berries calm, the freshness of the fruit peel appears on the tip of your tongue, then finally the storm rises, and the spices warm your palette as the liquorice finish takes over. Stormy Bay Signature is a truly unforgettable Gin.

Serving suggestion – plain tonic*, slice of lime, a few cubes of ice**


A luscious pink gin finding its colour and flavour from perfectly ripe British strawberries. This delicious summery drink is distilled with juniper berries, coriander seeds, kaffir lime leaves, cubeb pepper, meadow sweet and dandelion leaf to give it a beautiful natural sweetness. We then infuse with lots of bright red and ripe British strawberries to give this gin its amazing colour and flavour. Take a break and enjoy with lemonade or maybe even cream soda for that ‘strawberries and cream’ experience.

Serving suggestion – lemonade or maybe even cream soda for that ‘strawberries and cream’ experience, a few cubes of ice**

Stormy Bay Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange

During our path to developing our signature gin we experimented with many different combinations of fresh fruit peels in the vapour path of “cockles” our still. These included lemon, lime, pink grapefruit, tangerine and of course orange. But it was by pure luck that by forgetting to add the grapefruit, we would stumble across our “Valencia Orange” gin. On tasting we couldn’t understand how such a refreshing and delicious drink could be made using only fresh oranges as the fruit element. Our zingy Valencia Orange gin is so moreish, so tasty that one is never enough. As you would expect, in addition to the zing of the oranges, juniper berries are present but also just a hint of spice, try it and see if you can work out which spices we have added.

Serving suggestion – plain tonic* or lemonade, slice of orange, a few cubes of ice**

Mango & Lime

We were keen to develop something new and original, but it had to be both delicious (of course) and compliment the Stormy Bay range. After too many failed attempts we had a “lightbulb” moment and developed “Mango & Lime”. It is different, but it’s also familiar, 11 botanicals are distilled in cockles including both fresh and dried mangos and fresh limes macerated for 48 hours before distillation. A delightful tropical feel is achieved with a strong aroma of mangos that will transport you to your favourite beach (not literally). Juniper berries are still present, after all this is a gin, but if you fancy something a little different then this is for you.

Serving suggestion – plain tonic* or lemonade, slice of lime, a few cubes of ice**

Stormy Bay Mango & Lime


A vibrant purple gin that takes its colour and flavour purely from actual blueberries, no artificial colours or flavours here. Bursting with blueberries as well as 9 other botanicals including Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Liquorice Root, Meadowsweet and Burdock Root. A truly different gin which is absolutely delicious with lemonade, or your favourite tonic water.

Serving suggestion – plain tonic* or lemonade, garnish with some berries if you have them and a few cubes of ice**

Spiced Berry

Available again October 2024.

Stormy Bay Spiced Berry gin is perfect to keep you warm through a storm. It starts with mixed dried fruit including cranberries, currants and raisins before being infused with a dash of cinnamon, candied peel and other mixed spices. With each sip, the taste will invigorate your palate and the refreshing flavours of Stormy Bay Spiced Berry gin will help beat back the harshness of the chill, warming your cockles in winter and all year round.

Serving suggestion – ginger ale or lemonade, slice of orange, a few cubes of ice**

Stormy Bay Spiced Berry Gin

Raspberry & Rhubarb

A vibrant deep pink Gin, but no artificial colours or flavourings here! We only use fresh perfectly ripe locally grown Raspberries and Rhubarb, along with a combination of Juniper and Rowan Berries, Coriander Seeds, Cassia Bark, Cardamom Pods, Grains of Paradise (a type of pepper), Orris Root and Liquorice Root. The secret (shh!) in producing such a vivid colour with such a delicious flavour is to distil with the fresh fruits and then infuse with more fresh fruit afterwards and its definitely worth it. A slightly sweeter drink, that only gets its sweetness from the fruit, with the gorgeous aroma of summer and a sophisticated natural taste.

Serving suggestion – lemonade, two raspberries, a few cubes of ice**


We believe that the gin should do the talking, so we always recommend a plain tonic with our gins, such as Schweppes. Don’t take away the flavour of the gin.

**Ice Serving

We recommend three to four cubes of ice with our gins. Too much ice in a drink dilutes the flavour of the gin.

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